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Architecture: In spite of a preference of the Venetians for a conservative building tradition, there was also a drive toward the new that still continues today, though contemporary buildings are rare. Discover the whys and wherefores of architectural elements ranging from the ancient Byzantine to the modern work of Carlo Scarpa, Aldo Rossi and other contemporary masters.

Art: Admire the masterpieces of great artists of the Renaissance, the spirituality of the Greek Byzantine icons and mosaics or the melodrama of the Rococo. Most of the works are still in situ, that is, in the very place for which they were created, and offer a glimpse into history, bringing alive the mindset of the society of the past.

Everyday Venice: Immerse yourself in the Venetian way of life, habits and traditions; discover how different each of the six sestieri (districts) that comprise the city are —and why.

The Lagoon: Precious to all locals, the Venetian lagoon is a unique landscape that’s increasingly threatened by industrialization and climatic changes.

Your Venice: Did you fall in love with the city, or discover aspects of it that you were not expecting? Post a photo of your experience or discovery here, and help me build a grand mosaic of those aspects of Venice that impressed you most.